Sufyan Samara

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The introduction of embedded systems equipped with FPGA having a GPP contained inside them (Reconfig-urable SoC (RSoC)) create a lot of challenges to OS for resource management. In distributed RSoCs, different applications may run on different RSoCs with variant resource requirements. Due to the variety of applications, a continuous change in demands from(More)
This paper presents a novel flexible, dependable, and reliable operating system design for distributed reconfigurable system on chip. The dependability and reliability are achieved by integrating on-line model checking technique. Each OS service has different implementations which are further partitioned into small blocks. This operating system design(More)
Distributed RSoCs are the next step towards a new generation of embedded systems. Applications running on heterogeneous distributed RSoCs require an OS which dynamically adapts to their variable demands. In this paper, we present a novel decentralized OS service design, which enables OS adaptiveness, resource sharing, and reconfigurability on distributed(More)
A complementary verification method for real-time application with dynamic task structure has been developed. Here the real-time application is developed by means of Model-Driven Engineering. The basic verification technique is given by model checking. However, the model checking is executed at run-time whenever some reconfiguration of the task set takes(More)
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