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The Nature Criminal Act of Money Laundering in The Criminal Justice System in Indonesia
The objectives of this research are: To analyze and discover the essence of criminal punishment of laundering in the criminal justice system, and to analyze and discover the criminalizing practicesExpand
Customary Justice as an Alternative Justice System in Indonesia
Customary justice is a process for examining, adjudicating and deciding on a case that has been carried out long ago by almost all parts of the archipelago. Customary justice aims to try cases asExpand
The purpose of this research is to study the role of justice collaborator in uncovering who is the mastermind behind a major crime in the act of criminal law, and also not only end on a minorExpand
The Natural Village Government It Self State Laws System In Indonesia
: This study aims to analyze and explain the nature of the village administration in the system of constitutional law in Indonesia. In addition, in order to analyze and explain the development of theExpand
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Efektivitas Pembagian Harta Bersama Pasca Perceraian: Studi Kasus Perkawinan Poligami
Penelitian ini bertujuan untuk mengetahui dan memahami faktor-faktor apakah yang mempengaruhi efektivitas pembagian harta bersama pasca perceraian studi kasus perkawinan poligami di Pengadilan AgamaExpand
The Construction of Land Dispute Settlement Law In Realizing The National And Customary Law Harmonization (A Study In Merauke Regency-Papua)
This research aims at analyzing land dispute settlement of customary right of customary law people in the effort of harmonizing the national law and customary law in Merauke Regency-Papua. It usesExpand
The Usage of Noken as an Alternative of the Ballot Box Replacement in the Middle Papua Mountain Area
Noken is a tool of culture of Papuan that is more than just a tool or a means. It is more than that, as it has a philosophical meaning that sticks firmly within the people of Papua especially thoseExpand
The Independence and Accountability of the Judge’s Decision in The Process of Law Enforcement in Indonesia
This research examines problems about 1). How is the independence and accountability of judges in the decision-making process in the examination of cases ?, 2). How is the independence andExpand
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Policy Restorative Justice as Alternative Criminal Justice System in Indonesia
The Purpose of this study is to analyze the nature of restorative justice as a form of approach to solving criminal cases. This research begins with a theoretical study of the concept of restorativeExpand