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Negative and Positive Bias Temperature Instabilities (NBTI (in PFET) and PBTI (in NFET)) weaken MOSFETs with time. The impact of such device degradation can be severe in Static Random Access Memories (SRAMs) wherein stability is governed by relative strengths of FETs. Degradation in stability with time under 'worst case condition' gets more important(More)
Interactions between the neurotransmitter gamma-aminobutyric acid (GABA) and GABAA receptor ion channels play an important role in the central nervous system. A statistical mechanics model is proposed for the interaction between GABA and GABAA receptors. The model provides good fits to the electrophysiology data as well as an estimation of receptor(More)
Field effect transistors (FET) have been widely used as transducers in electrochemical sensors for over 40 years. In this report, a FET transducer is compared with the recently proposed bipolar junction transistor (BJT) transducer. Measurements are performed on two chloride electrochemical sensors that are identical in all details except for the transducer(More)
Conventional scaling is no longer effective to continue device performance trend because of technological difficulties in the scaling of key device parameters. In this paper, the authors discussed device scaling options beyond convention device structures. Recent progress in advanced gate stack, ultrathin body silicon on insulator (UTSOI) MOSFET and FinFET(More)
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