Sufen Dong

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The common synchronous problems in a real-time collaborative editing system are analysed and classified in this paper. The limitations of existing methods which solved the synchronous problems are discussed. In order to solve these problems, the operation conversion algorithm and document marking algorithm are studied. An operation conversion method based(More)
As so far, most of the information on the internet are designed for computer display, which can achieve the desired effect at 800*600 or higher resolution, but the normal TV’s resolution is much lower, so the web page looks abnormally on TV. Furthermore, it also can’t be browsed by phone and PDAs as PC does. Based on the analysis of the display principles(More)
This paper proposes a method, which makes use of the band-pass property of the wavelet transform, combining the wavelet analysis with autocorrelation function to extract melody characters from the humming signal. After the wavelet transform, the humming signal is weighed, and then combined with auto-correlation function for signal analysis. The weighted(More)
Routing allocation scheme is a core issue in agricultural machinery allocation. It is related to the allocation cost, income and timeliness of crop harvest. How to select a farmland spot to harvest, which needs to consider not only the distance between a farmland spot and an agricultural machinery spot, but also road condition, farmland area, types of(More)
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