Suely Rodrigues dos Santos

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Some researchers have described team sports as complex, open, and hierarchical systems. This study aimed to investigate and describe how the game of futsal could be characterized as a dynamic adaptive process. One game, which included participation by two amateur teams, was analyzed by examining players' individual (space occupied, skills with and(More)
We studied the allelic profile of CAG and CCG repeats in 61 Brazilian individuals in 21 independent families affected by Huntington's disease (HD). Thirteen individuals had two normal alleles for HD, two had one mutable normal allele and no HD phenotype, and forty-six patients carried at least one expanded CAG repeat allele. Forty-five of these individuals(More)
Twenty children with corpus callosum agenesis or hypoplasia were evaluated under a standardized investigation protocol. Psychomotor retardation, seizures, and craniofacial anomalies were the most prominent findings. There were three cases of chromosomal anomalies, all of them representing trisomy of chromosome 8.
Mental retardation (MR) is a heterogeneous condition that affects 2-3% of the general population and is a public health problem in developing countries. Chromosomal abnormalities are an important cause of MR and subtelomeric rearrangements (STR) have been reported in 4-35% of individuals with idiopathic MR or an unexplained developmental delay, depending on(More)
Recently, we defined a minimal overlapping region for causal Xp11.22 copy number gains in males with intellectual disability (ID), and identified HECT, UBA and WWE domain-containing protein-1 (HUWE1) as the primary dosage-sensitive gene, whose overexpression leads to ID. In the present study, we used this minimal interval to search for HUWE1 copy number(More)
BACKGROUND/AIMS Our aim was to investigate a geographical cluster of Huntington's disease (HD) in Ervalia, a Brazilian town of Minas Gerais state (MG). Therefore, we calculated the minimum prevalence of HD in Ervalia, known to have many HD affected families. We also determined the genetic profile of the polymorphic CAG region of the HTT gene in 32 subjects(More)
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