Suellen Nicholson

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Serological data provide an important measure of past exposure and immunity to hepatitis A virus (HAV) infection in a population. National serosurveys from developed countries have typically indicated a decline in HAV seroprevalence over time as sanitation levels improve. We examined trends in the seroepidemiology of HAV antibodies in Victoria, Australia,(More)
AIMS Studies on the burden and comorbidities associated with urgency urinary incontinence (UUI) are difficult to compare, partly because of the evolution of definitions for lower urinary tract symptoms and the various instruments used to assess health-related quality of life (HRQL). This article summarises published evidence on comorbidities and the(More)
OBJECTIVE To assess evidence of recent and past exposure to Murray Valley encephalitis virus (MVEV) and West Nile clade Kunjin virus (KUNV) in residents of the Murray Valley, Victoria, during a period of demonstrated activity of both viruses in early 2011. METHODS A cross-sectional serosurvey using two convenience samples: stored serum specimens from a(More)
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