Sueli Mendes

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The efficiency of a meeting has a lot to do with the attitudes the participants have towards the meeting goals. The outcome of a meeting is very dependent on how the meeting participants behave, i.e., how they assume expected roles. We can select participants based on their ability to play the desired roles prior to the meeting, or we can try to examine(More)
  • Prof Inês De Castro, Dutra, Pedro Porfirio, Muniz Farias, Sueli Bandeira, Teixeira Roberto Mendes +13 others
  • 2012
Resumo de tese apresentada a COPPEAJFRJ como parte dos requisitos necessários para a obtenção do grau de Doutor em Ciências (D.Sc.) This work presents Method of Simplification by Literal Elimination (MSEL), a proof procedure for proposicional and first order logic theorem proving. The MSEL, like the Tableaux Method, produces conclusions from non-clausal(More)
The purposes of this paper are: i) show how to use the previous knowledge of any economic analyst and represent this knowledge using frames [7]; ii) discuss the application of a combination of Neural Networks and Fuzzy Logic to predict the evolution of stock prices of Brazilian companies traded on the São Paulo Stock Exchange; iii) present the obtained(More)
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