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Sign Languages are tools the deaf use for their communication, education, information access needs, among others. Information Systems, whose role should be to facilitate those processes, still do not present a natural interaction for the deaf. There are many attempts by Computer Vision researches that are limited in their approach, their object of study,(More)
In Brazil, most Deaf children (approximately 90%) are born into non-Deaf families. These children suffer prejudice in social situations and within their own families. They have few chances to get exposed to Sign Language (SL), the natural language of the Deaf, thus being deprived of adequate language acquisition and age-appropriate intellectual development.(More)
  • RATOS MACHOS, Livros Grátis, +21 authors Aos meus Mestres
  • 2016
Milhares de livros grátis para download. Influence of long-term food restriction associate or not it paradoxical sleep deprivation in the sleep architecture and sexual behavior of male rats. A todos os professores do curso de Pós-Graduação do Departamento de Psicobiologia, pelas importantes contribuições para minha formação acadêmica. pela ajuda e amizade(More)
Bilingualism is the philosophy of choice for deaf education and literacy: deaf children should learn Sign Language for intellectual development, and the written form of the oral language. Unfortunately, educators are still influenced by the clinical view of deafness as a deficiency to be removed, and that view influences their pedagogical praxis that lack(More)