Suelen S. da Silva

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This paper proposes the use of artificial neural networks to predict the flexural resistance and initial stiffness of beam-to-column steel joints using the back propagation supervised learning algorithm. Three types of steel beam-to-column joints were investigated: welded, endplate and bolted with top, seat and double web angles, respectively. The neural(More)
Experimental models of mouse paw infection with L. amazonensis show an induction of a strong inflammatory response in the skin, and parasitic migration may occur to secondary organs with consequent tissue injury. There are few studies focusing on the resolution of damage in secondary organs caused by Leishmania species-related cutaneous leishmaniasis. We(More)
Genetic studies involving the search, cloning and expression of genes encoding proteins involved in important physiological processes and advantageous features of the economic standpoint have become the biotechnology research increasingly promising. Due to its zootechnical importance, the encoding gene of growth hormone (GH) of various fish species have(More)
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