Suela Dylgjeri

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BACKGROUND AND PURPOSE Functional neuroimaging and electrophysiological studies suggest that dysplastic neural tissue in malformations of cortical development may participate in task performance, and that functional organization can be altered beyond visible lesion boundaries. The aim of this work was to investigate cortical function in a heterogeneous(More)
OBJECTIVE The desmopressin test has been proposed as a useful tool for the differential diagnosis of Cushing's disease. The aim of our study was to investigate, in a large series of patients with Cushing's disease, the incidence of a positive ACTH and cortisol response to desmopressin. Moreover, we repeated the test soon after surgery to verify its(More)
PURPOSE In recent years, there have been series analysing the electro-clinical correlations of insular epilepsy in adult populations. In contrast, the ictal semiology in children with insular epilepsy is poorly described. Considering that early and successful surgery may greatly improve the cognitive outcome and quality of life, it is worthwhile to deepen(More)
Numerous reviews have emphasized the links between certain types of epilepsy and migraine. Historically, Gowers was one of the first, in 1907, to have drawn attention to a possible relationship between migraine headache and epilepsy in a period when no additional examination was available. In the last two decades, progress in molecular biology,(More)
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