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Modern vehicles are equipped with increasingly complex sensors. These sensors generate large volumes of data that provide opportunities for modeling and analysis. Here, we are interested in exploiting this data to learn aspects of behaviors and the road network associated with individual drivers. Our dataset is collected on a standard vehicle used to(More)
Free-space optical communication requires accurate tracking to maintain links. The tracking problem between an aircraft and satellite becomes more difficult with the introduction of a turret on the aircraft for increased field-of-regard. In the case of a hemispherical turret, the disrupted airflow at the boundary layer can greatly distort the optical beam.(More)
The advent of widely available photo collections covering broad geographic areas has spurred significant advances in large-scale urban scene modeling. While much emphasis has been placed on reconstruction and visualization, the utility of such models extends well beyond. Specifically, these models should support a wide variety of reasoning tasks (or(More)
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