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Nonmotor symptoms (NMS) of Parkinson's disease (PD) are not well recognized in clinical practice, either in primary or in secondary care, and are frequently missed during routine consultations. There is no single instrument (questionnaire or scale) that enables a comprehensive assessment of the range of NMS in PD both for the identification of problems and(More)
Non-motor symptoms (NMS) in Parkinson's disease (PD) are common, significantly reduce quality of life and at present there is no validated clinical tool to assess the progress or potential response to treatment of NMS. A new 30-item scale for the assessment of NMS in PD (NMSS) was developed. NMSS contains nine dimensions: cardiovascular, sleep/fatigue,(More)
2006, there was, no single instrument (questionnaire or scale) for attempting a comprehensive assessment of the wide range of nonmotor symptoms (NMS) of Parkinson's disease (PD). The PD nonmotor group, a multidisciplinary group of experts including patient group representatives developed and validated the NMS screening questionnaire (NMSQuest) comprising 30(More)
BACKGROUND There have been significant conceptual developments regarding shared decision-making (SDM) and assessments of people's hypothetical preferences for involvement in treatment or care decisions. There are few data on the perceptions of patients and professionals about SDM in actual practice. OBJECTIVE To explore, from paired doctor-patient(More)
The trAce Writing and Technology Research Project grew out of a small research project called CyberWriting that established in 1995 in the Department of English Media Studies at Nottingham Trent University. It rapidly made close links with arts organisations in Australia and America and operated almost exclusively on the internet, researching information(More)
In the first of two articles on palliative care for people with Parkinson's disease, the authors revise the common features of the disease, its different stages and the nature of palliative care for people who suffer from it. Next month, they consider management of common problems in late-stage Parkinson's and various ethical issues that nurses may(More)
The internet offers a multitude of new literary opportunities but for many writers there are significant cultural and intellectual barriers to be overcome before they can even begin to approach the medium. To address this problem, trAce has established a scheme which offers one-to-one mentoring and support, either online or in the trAce computer studio, so(More)