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BACKGROUND Infection with human immunodeficency virus (HIV) and acquired immunodeficency syndrome (AIDS) is a pandemic that has affected millions of people globally. Although major research and clinical initiatives are addressing prevention and cure strategies, issues of quality of life for survivors have received less attention. Massage therapy is proposed(More)
BACKGROUND Rehabilitation medicine plays an integral part in attainment of optimal functioning after injury or disease. The National Rehabilitation Policy of South Africa (NRP) (2000) highlights the need for access to professional health care services, redistribution and optimal utilisation of resources and research in the field of disability and(More)
Introduction: Commercial drilling, even deep-sea or remote, depends on human teleoperation. Lightspeed delays mean that coring and drilling beyond the Moon requires automation in order to not get stuck or risk mission failure. The Drilling Automation for Mars Exploration (DAME) is a NASA project for developing critical-path drilling software technologies.(More)
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