Sue McKemmish

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Consumer empowerment and the role of the expert patient in their own healthcare, enabled through timely access to quality information, have emerged as significant factors in better health and lifestyle outcomes. Governments,medical researchers, healthcare providers in the public and private sector, drug companies, health consumer groups, and individuals are(More)
The Australian Recordkeeping Metadata Schema (RKMS), approved in July 1999 by its academic and industry steering group, is the major deliverable of an eighteen month Australian collaborative research project reported on in this article. The project's conceptual frame of reference was the Records Continuum Model and the Australian Series System. The RKMS(More)
Recent research indicates people are increasingly looking to the Internet for health information. Equally however, there is increasing frustration with the sheer volume, lack of relevance and at times dubious quality of information retrieved. The Breast Cancer Knowledge Online project sought to build a user sensitive portal to assist women with breast(More)
Increasingly health consumers are looking to the Internet for health and medical information. In response to this government and government agencies are establishing websites to provide consumers with better access to health information. Health consumers however, face numerous problems searching health information websites including poor quality(More)
This paper outlines an e-government initiative of the Cabinet Secretariat of the Republic of Indonesia, the adoption and implementation of an Electronic Document and Records Management System (EDRMS) called the Legal Document Retrieval System (LDRS). The authors were engaged in the early developmental stage of the project through a special training program(More)
This paper defines recordkeeping metadata and offers the concept of the Archival Multiverse and the Records Continuum Model as complementary frames within which research and development in recordkeeping metadata can be situated. To demonstrate the significant and evolving nature of this work and how it is situated within the Records Continuum, the paper(More)
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