Sue Matthews

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The purpose of this study was to describe the profile of nursing leadership structures in Canada and to assess relationships among structures, processes and outcomes pertaining to nurse leaders' work. Data were collected from nurse leaders in 28 academic health centres and 38 community hospitals in 10 Canadian provinces (n = 1,164). The results of this(More)
Canada, like many countries, is in the midst of primary health care reform. A key priority is to improve access to primary health care, especially in remote communities and areas with physician shortages. As a result, there is an increased emphasis on the integration of primary health care nurse practitioners. As of March 2006, legislation exists in all(More)
Given how important care processes are to the nursing profession, it is imperative that nurses take a lead role in building capacity for nursing research and that they make a strong contribution to building the body of knowledge in the area of patient safety. The authors present an overview of a current nursing-led patient safety study in which building(More)
In 2007, the Ontario Ministry of Health and Long-Term Care made an investment to support full-time employment for new graduate nurses. This paper describes the collaboration of policy makers and researchers in the creation and implementation of the Nursing Graduate Guarantee (NGG). We provide historical context for the development of the initiative and(More)
Many high-elevation lakes in designated wilderness are stocked with native and nonnative fish by state fish and game agencies to provide recreational fishing opportunities. In several areas, this practice has become controversial with state wildlife managers who support historical recreational use of wilderness, federal wilderness managers who assert that(More)
This response challenges the healthcare system to take full responsibility for the work environments created for health human resources. While the need for healthy work environments and teamwork in healthcare are inarguable, the fact is they are not a reality in today's health system. The authors suggest strategies to address this issue and identify the(More)
AIM To examine the influence of personal and situational factors on direct-care nurses' interests in pursuing nursing management roles. BACKGROUND Nursing managers are ageing and nurses do not appear to be interested in nursing management roles, raising concerns about a nursing leadership shortage in the next decade. Little research has focused on factors(More)
Immune evasion is a hallmark of cancer. Losing the ability to present neoantigens through human leukocyte antigen (HLA) loss may facilitate immune evasion. However, the polymorphic nature of the locus has precluded accurate HLA copy-number analysis. Here, we present loss of heterozygosity in human leukocyte antigen (LOHHLA), a computational tool to(More)