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Fibrillar alpha-synuclein is a component of the Lewy body, the characteristic neuronal inclusion of the Parkinson's disease (PD) brain. Both alpha-synuclein mutations linked to autosomal dominant early-onset forms of PD promote the in vitro conversion of the natively unfolded protein into ordered prefibrillar oligomers, suggesting that these protofibrils,(More)
Ordered assembly of the amyloid-beta protein (A beta) into amyloid fibrils is a critical step in Alzheimer's disease (AD). To release the amyloidogenic peptide A beta from the Alzheimer amyloid precursor protein (APP), two secretases act sequentially: first, beta-secretase cleaves close to the membrane within the ectodomain and then gamma-secretase cuts(More)
Over the past decade, Korean popular culture has spread infectiously throughout the world. The term, " Korean wave, " has been used to describe this rising popularity of Korean popular culture. The Korean wave exploded in the media across the world generating a ripple effect. The Korean government took full advantage of this national phenomenon and began(More)
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