Sue J. Harris

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Skin and hair follicle stem cell biology is the focus of increasing interest, not least because the adult hair follicle has well defined dermal and epithelial populations that display distinct developmental properties. Recent evidence suggests that a number of adult cell populations have much broader stem cell capabilities than previously thought. To(More)
Patients with COPD and their partners often feel isolated while trying to cope with the psychological and physical effects of their condition and the change in their quality of life. Research studies support the fact that some patients with COPD cope better with their breathlessness at home with appropriate community support. This support may be provided by(More)
We have previously shown that exposing rats to a high dose of ethanol on postnatal d 5 can affect Purkinje cell numbers in the cerebellum whilst similar exposure on d 10 had no such effect. The question arose whether a longer period of ethanol exposure after d 10 could produce loss of Purkinje cells. We have examined this question by exposing young rats to(More)
Visual system abnormalities are commonly encountered in the fetal alcohol syndrome although the level of exposure at which they become manifest is uncertain. In this study we have examined the effects of either low (ETLD) or high dose (ETHD) ethanol, given between postnatal days 4-9, on the axons of the rat optic nerve. Rats were exposed to ethanol vapour(More)
Versican, a proteoglycan recently implicated in hair follicle induction, has been shown to influence axon outgrowth in vitro and in vivo. We used immunohistochemistry to study the relationship between versican expression and innervation, during rat vibrissa follicle development and the adult hair cycle. During development, nerve fibres were commonly(More)
We have previously shown that exposing rats to a relatively high dose of ethanol during early postnatal life resulted in a deficit in spatial learning ability. This ability is controlled, at least in part, by the hippocampal formation. The purpose of the present study was to determine whether exposure of rats to ethanol during early postnatal life affected(More)
Fifteen women pediatric residents, 15 non-medical women academicians similar in age and marital status and 15 women pediatricians at least 10 years past residency were surveyed. Subjects were asked to estimate the amount of time they devote to their professional work, domestic work and the degree to which they feel overworked. Subjects were also questioned(More)
The results from a survey, conducted in February and March 1997, of all Accident and Emergency (A&E) departments in England are presented. The survey examined staff perceptions of the preventive role of A&E departments in screening and intervention in alcohol-related attendances. Perceptions of the prevalence of alcohol-related attendances were also(More)
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