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For each of five vowels [i e a o u] following [t], a continuum from non-nasal to nasal was synthesized. Nasalization was introduced by inserting a pole-zero pair in the vicinity of the first formant in an all-pole transfer function. The frequencies and spacing of the pole and zero were systematically varied to change the degree of nasalization. The(More)
Research indicates that, when the first and second formants of a vowel are separated by less than about 3.5 Bark, perception of its height and some other aspects of its quality is determined by some weighted average of the low-frequency spectrum, rather than by particular harmonic or hypothetical formant frequencies (as is the case with more widely spaced(More)
Patients with cobalt chrome (CoCr) metal-on-metal (MOM) implants may be exposed to a wide size range of metallic nanoparticles as a result of wear. In this study we have characterised the biological responses of human fibroblasts to two types of synthetically derived CoCr particles [(a) from a tribometer (30 nm) and (b) thermal plasma technology (20, 35,(More)
A novel compact CT-guided intensity modulated proton radiotherapy (IMPT) system is described. The system is being designed to deliver fast IMPT so that larger target volumes and motion management can be accomplished. The system will be ideal for large and complex target volumes in young patients. The basis of the design is the dielectric wall accelerator(More)
Forest managers and policy makers increasingly demand to have access to estimates of forest fragmentation, human accessibility to forest areas and levels of anthropogenic pressure on the remaining forests to integrate them into monitoring systems, management and conservation plans. Forest fragmentation is defined as the breaking up of a forest unit, where(More)
We have designed and built a Dense Plasma Focus (DPF) Z-pinch device using a kJ-level capacitor bank and a hollow anode, and fueled by a cylindrically symmetric gas puff. Using this device, we have measured peak deuteron beam energies of up to 400 keV at 0.8 kJ capacitor bank energy and pinch lengths of ∼6 mm, indicating accelerating fields greater than 50(More)
Guest-host interactions have been examined experimentally for amorphous solid water (ASW) films doped with CO2 or N2O. The main diagnostics are Fourier transform infrared (FTIR) spectroscopy and temperature programmed desorption (TPD). ASW films deposited at 90 K are exposed to a dopant, and the first molecules that attach to a film enter its bulk until it(More)
salmon (Oncorhynchus gorbuscha) genetic baseline to determine accuracy and precision of stock composition estimates. Electrophoretic analysis of Asian even brOOd-year pink salmon stocks has shown regional heterogeneity (Noll et al. in review). Hypothetical mixed fisheries were created using data from 24 variable loci from Noll et al. in review. The mixture(More)