Sue Goodman

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Effects of IFN-gamma on mammalian small intestinal ion transport were studied in vitro using incubated sheets of murine small intestine in Ussing chambers. In oxygenated standard culture medium containing hydrocortisone and antibiotics, they maintained their short-circuit current (I(sc)) responses to glucose and theophylline for 48 h. Histological(More)
Monoclonal antibodies prepared to human myelin-associated glycoprotein were shown to react with a population of human peripheral blood mononuclear cells. The population is similar to the large granular lymphocytes or natural killer cells defined by antibody Leu 7 (also called HNK-1). The population also includes cells exhibiting the Leu 2 marker for(More)
SARAH BAILEY: Dynamical Properties of some non-stationary, non-simple Bratteli-Vershik systems (Under the direction of Professor Karl Petersen) Bratteli-Vershik systems, also called adics, are dynamical systems defined on the infinite path space of a Bratteli diagram. We introduce a family adics called limited scope adics for which the number of vertices(More)
We consider C1 nonsingular flows on a closed 3-manifold under which there is no transverse disk that flows continuously back into its own interior. We provide an algorithm for modifying any branched surface transverse to such a flow φ that terminates in a branched surface carrying a foliation F precisely when F is transverse to φ. As a corollary, we find(More)