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The Fatigue Severity Scale (FSS) is a self-report instrument used to assess levels of fatigue and its effect on daily functioning. The FSS was normed on individuals with multiple sclerosis and has been used in studies examining such factors as obstructive sleep apnea and aerobic exercise. Current research has extended it to obese subjects to assess their(More)
Maternal effects are a ubiquitous source of phenotypic variation and relevant to understanding many ecological and evolutionary questions. For oviparous organisms, egg size and oviposition/ nest-site choice are two maternal effects that can be particularly important. A classic assumption in life-history theory is that offspring with more resources allocated(More)
iii CHAPTER 1. GENERAL INTRODUCTION Introduction 1 Thesis Organization 4 Literature Cited 4 CHAPTER 2. MULTIPLE PATERNITY AND MALE REPRODUCTIVE SUCCESS IN A METAPOPULATION OF GARTER SNAKES WITH EVOLUTIONARILY DIVERGENT LIFE-HISTORIES Abstract 6 Introduction 7 Materials and Methods 12 Results 18 Discussion 23 Acknowledgements 30 Literature Cited 31 Tables 39(More)
iv CHAPTER 1. GENERAL INTRODUCTION 1 Dissertation Organization 7 References 9 CHAPTER 2. ASSEMBLY HISTORY ALTERS ALPHA AND BETA DIVERSITY, EXOTIC-NATIVE PROPORTIONS AND FUNCTIONING OF RESTORED PRAIRIE PLANT COMMUNITIES 15 Summary 15 Introduction 16 Materials and Methods 20 Results 26 Discussion 28 Acknowledgments 33 References 33 Supporting Information 43(More)
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