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We report that Th2 cell cultures generated using T cells or splenocytes from IL-13-deficient mice produce significantly reduced levels of IL-4, IL-5, and IL-10 compared with wild-type. In contrast, IL-4 and IL-5 production by mast cells stimulated in vitro with PMA, ionomycin, or IgE cross-linking are unaffected. In vitro Th2 cell differentiation cannot be(More)
B and T lymphocytes develop normally in mice lacking the guanine nucleotide exchange factor Vav-2. However, the immune responses to type II thymus-independent antigen as well as the primary response to thymus-dependent (TD) antigen are defective. Vav-2-deficient mice are also defective in their ability to switch immunoglobulin class, form germinal centers(More)
Systemic treatment of mice with the nucleoside analog 9-(2-hydroxyethoxymethyl)guanine (acycloguanosine [aciclovir]) was found to be highly effective against acute type 1 herpes simplex virus infection of the pinna. The drug ablated clinical signs and reduced virus replication both in tissue local to the inoculation site and within the nervous system.(More)
In this study, we investigated the role of protein disulphide isomerase (PDI) in rapid metabolism of S-nitrosoglutathione (GSNO) and S-nitrosoalbumin (albSNO) and in NO delivery from these compounds into cells. Incubation of GSNO or albSNO (1 microM) with the megakaryocyte cell line MEG-01 resulted in a cell-mediated removal of each compound which was(More)
Diversifying the health professional workforce and enhancing cultural competence are recommended for decreasing health disparities. We tested a structural equation model of the predictors of culturally competent behaviors in a mailed survey of three groups of underrepresented nurse practitioners (n = 474). Our model had good fit and accounted for 29% of the(More)
Historically, the nursing metaparadigm has been used to describe 4 concepts of nursing knowledge (person, environment, health, and nursing) that reflect beliefs held by the profession about nursing's context and content. The authors offer an assessment of the metaparadigm as it applies to community and public health nursing in urban settings and offer an(More)
We have isolated thymic stem cells from murine fetal liver using a combination of approaches including discontinuous albumin density gradient separation and anti-heat-stable antigen (HSA) antibody plus complement-mediated lysis. A population of early precursors has been identified which comprises approximately 1% of fetal liver, and which has the capacity(More)
Managed care organizations employ nurses as medical utilization reviewers; however, little is known about the ethical climate of these organizations. This study describes different ethical climates in which utilization review nurses work and the implications of these differences for nurse administrators. The nurse participants, although demographically(More)
Between January and June 2003, voluntary smallpox vaccination of healthcare workers and mandatory vaccination of military personnel was an important public health topic. This paper discusses the attitudes of nurses from two county public health departments in an upper-Midwestern state who were asked to volunteer to take the smallpox vaccine and to prepare(More)
This article examines the social justice issues resulting from the uneven distribution of resources. In this article, justice theories are discussed in relation to two of these issues: lack of adequate food and shelter and inequitable access to an appropriate continuum of health care. Public health nurses have the obligation to deal with the results of(More)