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Project-based work via telecommunications requires the instructor and the students to take explicit steps to create an on-line community that is focused on high quality learning and optimal productivity for all. This paper describes the use of group learning contracts to enhance the growth of an on-line community in project-based learning in Web courses.(More)
Chemotherapy has been known to cause severe side effects, including fatigue. While the mechanisms for chemotherapy induced fatigue (CIF) are likely to be multi-factorial in origin, it is thought that inflammation and anemia may play a role. The purpose of this study was to examine the effect of chemotherapy on fatigue in mice, and further, to begin to(More)
This paper is a qualitative study of graduate students' experiences as e-learners as reflected in papers based on their journals. The study examined what students experience as they take an online course, and how students express their buy-in or lack of buy-in to an online course. Students' initial concerns about their transition to this new environment(More)
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