Sue E. Kase

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A human subject experiment was conducted to investigate caffeine's effect on appraisal and performance of a mental serial subtraction task. Serial subtraction performance data was collected from three treatment groups: placebo, 200, and 400 mg caffeine. The data were analyzed by caffeine treatment group and how subjects appraised the task (as challenging or(More)
Web development is rapidly becoming a routine activity for informal as well as professional software developers. Research has shown that one variable that distinguishes segments of this population is the context in which web development is carried out—work or nonwork. This paper explores the role of web development context in a survey of web developers that(More)
— Social media has become an important communication tool especially following an extreme event. Research in social psychology has shown that people engage in gathering and " milling " information, and confirmation seeking during the process of forming intent to take action or voice an opinion. Twitter serves as a communications channel where people(More)
— With the growing popularity of Twitter, numerous issues surround the usefulness of the technology for intelligence, defense, and security. For security, Twitter provides a real-time opportunity to determine unrest and discontent. For defense, twitter can be a source of open-source intelligence (INT) information related to areas of contested environments.(More)
Nonprofit organizations (NPOs) play a substantial role in the economies of many countries, in the delivery of social services, and in many quasi-government functions. But NPOs face many resource challenges; for example, they depend on volunteer labor that is often under-trained and has high turnover resulting in limited knowledge acquisition and decreased(More)
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