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OBJECTIVES We assessed the long-term efficacy and toxicity of conservative surgery and radiotherapy in the control of pituitary adenomas. DESIGN Retrospective study of patients treated at the Royal Marsden Hospital. PATIENTS Four hundred and eleven patients with pituitary adenomas treated with conventional external beam radiotherapy at the Royal Marsden(More)
BACKGROUND Tamoxifen, a drug with antioestrogenic effects, is predicted to prevent the occurrence of breast cancer. We have undertaken a trial of tamoxifen in healthy women who are at increased risk of breast cancer because of family history. We report a planned interim analysis. METHODS Between October, 1986, and April, 1996, we accrued 2494 healthy(More)
BACKGROUND Early findings on the use of tamoxifen or raloxifene as prophylaxis against breast cancer have been mixed; we update available data and overview the combined results. METHODS All five randomised prevention trials comparing tamoxifen or raloxifene with placebo were included. Relevant data on contralateral breast tumours and side-effects were(More)
Ninety-three patients with primary intracranial ependymoma were treated at the Royal Marsden Hospital, between 1952 and 1988, with postoperative radiotherapy. The survival probability at 5, 10, and 15 years was 51%, 42% and 31%, respectively, and the corresponding progression free survival (PFS) probability, 41%, 38%, and 30%. Tumor grade was the single(More)
This multi-centre UK study assesses the impact of predictive testing for breast and ovarian cancer predisposition genes (BRCA1/2) in the clinical context. In the year following predictive testing, 261 adults (59 male) from nine UK genetics centres participated; 91 gene mutation carriers and 170 noncarriers. Self-report questionnaires were completed at(More)
Between 1950 and 1986 173 patients with craniopharyngioma were treated at the Royal Marsden Hospital with external beam radiotherapy either alone or following surgery. Four patients had complete tumour excision, 21 subtotal and 78 partial resection, 14 had biopsy alone, 34 aspiration alone and 22 had no surgery directed at tumour eradication. Seventy-seven(More)
The features of 100 mixed-phenotype acute leukemias (MPALs), fulfilling WHO 2008 criteria, are documented. Myeloid and T-lineage features were demonstrated by cytoplasmic myeloperoxidase and CD3; B-lineage features were demonstrated by at least 2 B-lymphoid markers. There were 62 men and 38 women; 68% were adults. Morphology was consistent with acute(More)
Research suggests that patients with cancer, particularly in the palliative care setting, are increasingly using aromatherapy and massage. There is good evidence that these therapies may be helpful for anxiety reduction for short periods, but few studies have looked at the longer term effects. This study was designed to compare the effects of four-week(More)
Fifty-eight patients with histologically verified spinal cord ependymomas were treated at the Royal Marsden Hospital and Atkinson Morley's Hospital between 1950 and 1987. The median age in this series was 40 years (range 1 to 79 years) and the male:female ratio was 1.8:1. Ten patients had tumors in the cervical cord and 10 in the thoracic cord; 14 tumors(More)
BRCA1/2 test decliners/deferrers have received almost no attention in the literature and this is the first study of this population in the United Kingdom. The aim of this multicenter study is to examine the attributes of a group of individuals offered predictive genetic testing for breast/ovarian cancer predisposition who did not wish to proceed with(More)