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The ion binding parameters of the EF-hand Ca2+ binding motif are carefully tuned for different biological applications. The present study examines the contribution of the ninth position of the Ca2+-coordinating EF-loop to the tuning of Ca2+ affinity and selectivity, using the model EF-loop of the Escherichia coli galactose binding protein. Eight side(More)
Calcium binding and signaling orchestrate a wide variety of essential cellular functions, many of which employ the EF-hand Ca2+ binding motif. The ion binding parameters of this motif are controlled, in part, by the structure of its Ca2+ binding loop, termed the EF-loop. The EF-loops of different proteins are carefully specialized, or fine-tuned, to yield(More)
The phenomenon of postlarval cell addition to the peripheral nervous system of fish has been reported for some sensory systems, but has yet to be characterized for the gustatory system. Many fishes, such as catfish, possess taste buds scattered across their body surface, and presumably, the number of taste buds increases during growth of the animal. The(More)
These guidelines have recognised by the College of Podiatry Academic Board as being 'Recognised as a model for practice, or a platform to inform members of what may be happening in their local regions.' INTRODUCTION The Clinical Effectiveness Group (CEG) for the Prevention and Management of Foot Problems for People with Diabetes was initiated by the North(More)
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