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Workplace trust has been recognized by researchers and practitioners alike to be an important component of an effective safety culture. However, despite this, the concept of trust as it relates to safety has been underresearched, particularly within high-reliability organizations. This article examines the importance of trust relations and their concomitant(More)
This article, the sixth in the ongoing To The Point Series produced by the Association of Professors of Gynecology and Obstetrics Undergraduate Medical Education Committee, reviews the Reporter-Interpreter-Manager-Educator (RIME) method for the evaluation of student clinical performance on the obstetrics and gynecology rotation. This article discusses the(More)
Organizational learning (OL) is a crucial component of operational excellence in nuclear power plants. OL relies on performance assessments, change management and continuous improvements. OL has become increasingly important for the nuclear industry with regards to adaptation to changes in the political and economic environment, work force, technology(More)
This paper describes the design and implementation of the vector scalar unit (VSU) in the first-generation CELL processor. VSU executes floating-point and vector media extension instructions. VSU contains 1.7 million transistors and occupies an area of 3.1 mm/sup 2/ in a 90nm PD-SOI technology. Extensive static and dynamic circuit techniques are used to(More)
Introduction Unsafe behaviours are said to both directly and indirectly contribute to 90% of all workplace accidents and incidents (Holnagel, 1993). Given the importance of behavioural patterns in the accident process it is not surprising that safety improvements focused on individual behaviours have acquired popularity in the development of safety(More)
This paper describes the first attempt by a general practice in Bournemouth, UK to apply continuous quality improvement (CQI) methodology to its own working practices. It has been written in the hope that some of the lessons learnt might be of value to other practices interested in exploring a similar approach. In his classic “bad apples” paper of 1989,(More)
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