Sue Cox

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40874 Note: Working Papers are preliminary documents circulated in a limited number of copies solely to stimulate discussion and critical comment. or in other countries with associated Reproduction Rights Organizations, may make photocopies in accordance with the licences issued to them for this purpose. The designations employed in ILO publications, which(More)
BACKGROUND Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency's (MHRA's) Medical Device Alert MDA/2004/048 described bias in some endocrine test results obtained on a few immunoassay platforms, particularly the Bayer Advia Centaur instrument, when using blood specimens collected into Becton Dickinson (BD) Vacutainer SSTII Advance tubes. As users of BD(More)
Intensive training and re-education of peritoneal dialysis (PD) exchange technique has been advocated to minimize peritonitis rate. However, re-education of patients that are established on PD for some years can be difficult and a minority of patients on PD remain susceptible to repeated episodes of peritonitis. The UV Flash Compact system (Baxter(More)
This animal study was designed to investigate HBO as a treatment or prophylaxis for radiation myelitis. All animals received identical spinal cord radiation doses of 69 Gy in 10 daily fractions. Group I received no HBO; group II began HBO at the onset of signs of myelitis; group III received HBO with prophylactic intent beginning 6 wk after irradiation; and(More)
This article, the sixth in the ongoing To The Point Series produced by the Association of Professors of Gynecology and Obstetrics Undergraduate Medical Education Committee, reviews the Reporter-Interpreter-Manager-Educator (RIME) method for the evaluation of student clinical performance on the obstetrics and gynecology rotation. This article discusses the(More)
Acknowledgements This project was made possible by the efforts of many individuals and organizations. First, I would like to thank the individuals that conceived of this project, dedicated their time and talents to its development and put it into action, including thanks are due to study coordinator Tanja Kraft who played a central role, providing critical(More)
BACKGROUND Peritonitis remains the most important complication of peritoneal dialysis (PD). The success rate of restarting PD after severe peritonitis (peritonitis unresolved despite treatment with appropriate antibiotics for 3 days, or fungal or pseudomonas infections) is unclear. We wished to determine PD technique survival and overall mortality when PD(More)
Laparoscopic bowel surgery is a recent application of minimally invasive videoscopic techniques. Understanding the anatomy and physiology of the bowel, the background of bowel disorders and their treatment, signs and symptoms of bowel disease, and the patient selection process can help perioperative nurses better care for patients diagnosed with colon(More)
This paper describes the design and implementation of the vector scalar unit (VSU) in the first-generation CELL processor. VSU executes floating-point and vector media extension instructions. VSU contains 1.7 million transistors and occupies an area of 3.1 mm/sup 2/ in a 90nm PD-SOI technology. Extensive static and dynamic circuit techniques are used to(More)