Sue Chard

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An increasing proportion of the population perceive complementary medicine as a safer alternative for non-life threatening conditions such as genital herpes. The extract of the plant Echinacea purpurea (Echinaforce) has been shown to have immunomodulating properties and has been advocated in the lay press for the treatment of genital herpes. This study, a(More)
Molluscum contagiosum is common in HIV disease and available therapies have a poor success rate and require frequent clinic visits. Interferon alpha has been used to treat recalcitrant condylomata acuminata and this study was undertaken to assess the use of this treatment in unresponsive molluscum contagiosum. A total of 30 molluscum contagiosum were(More)
Downstream processing operations are often carried out blind in the process timescale since product monitoring on-line is not common. Knowledge of the location and concentration of the product and key contaminants is complementary to other process information for process development and, if available on-line in conjunction with a suitable model, control.(More)
This paper evaluates the impact on participants and members of their households of access to a free computer and internet at home. Graduates of the Computers in Homes (CiH) programme in Porirua were used for this study. This programme is a Digital Literacy initiative that operates in conjunction with the National Computers in Homes project in New Zealand.(More)
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