Sudipta Mallick

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Since the revolutionary discovery that phospholipids can form closed bilayered structures in aqueous systems, liposomes have become a very interesting topic of research. Because of their versatility and amazing biocompatibility, the use of liposomes has been widely accepted in many scientific disciplines. Their applications, especially in medicine, have(More)
Due to their efficient conversion of absorbed light energy to heat gold nanorods have been proved to be an amazing tool for minimally invasive photo-thermal cancer therapy. The present in vitro study demonstrates the ability of silica coated Au nanorods to function as a dual probe for cancer-cell therapy and imaging without any toxic side-effects. HeLa(More)
Recently, non-viral vectors have become a popular research topic in the field of gene therapy. In this study, we conjugated short oligopeptides to polyamidoamine-generation 4 (PAMAM G4) to achieve higher transfection efficiency. Previous reports have shown that the PAMAM G4-histidine (H)-arginine (R) dendrimer enhances gene delivery by improving cell(More)
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