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OBJECTIVE To evaluate the efficacy and long-term safety of linagliptin added to basal insulins in type 2 diabetes inadequately controlled on basal insulin with or without oral agents. RESEARCH DESIGN AND METHODS A total of 1,261 patients (HbA1c ≥7.0% [53 mmol/mol] to ≤10.0% [86 mmol/mol]) on basal insulin alone or combined with metformin and/or(More)
BACKGROUND Addition of a sulphonylurea to metformin improves glycaemic control in type 2 diabetes, but is associated with hypoglycaemia and weight gain. We aimed to compare a dipeptidyl peptidase-4 inhibitor (linagliptin) against a commonly used sulphonylurea (glimepiride). METHODS In this 2-year, parallel-group, non-inferiority double-blind trial,(More)
Solid tumor survives by the generation of micro-vessels around it. This phenomenon is known as angiogenesis. Angiogenesis is governed by two factors, namely Tumor Angiogenic Factor (TAF) secreted by the tumor cells and tissue Fibronectin (FNT) concentration in the extra-cellular space. These two factors help in mobilization of endothelial cells from nearby(More)
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