Sudipta Acharya

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—Distributed Decision Making has become of increasing importance to get solution of different real life problems, where decision makers are in geographically dispersed locations. Application of agent and multi agent system in this Distributed Decision Support System is an evolving paradigm. One of such real life problem is medical diagnosis. For critical(More)
In the field of pattern recognition, the study of the gene expression profiles of different tissue samples over different experimental conditions has become feasible with the arrival of microarray-based technology. In cancer research, classification of tissue samples is necessary for cancer diagnosis, which can be done with the help of microarray(More)
Most web search results clustering (SRC) strategies have predominantly studied the definition of adapted representation spaces to the detriment of new clustering techniques to improve performance. In this paper, we define SRC as a multi-objective optimization (MOO) problem to take advantage of most recent works in clustering. In particular, we define two(More)