Sudipta Acharya

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Distributed Decision Making has become of increasing importance to get solution of different real life problems, where decision makers are in geographically dispersed locations. Application of agent and multi agent system in this Distributed Decision Support System is an evolving paradigm. One of such real life problem is medical diagnosis. For critical(More)
As technology shifts from centralized computing to distributed computing and then to ubiquitous computing, the users are more dependent on the computer system for task delegation. Here autonomous agent and Multi Agent System (MAS) plays an important role to perform the task delegated by the user. As the fault in MAS is not-deterministic in nature, so(More)
Most web search results clustering (SRC) strategies have predominantly studied the definition of adapted representation spaces to the detriment of new clustering techniques to improve performance. In this paper, we define SRC as a multi-objective optimization (MOO) problem to take advantage of most recent works in clustering. In particular, we define two(More)
Most of the existing literatures use Euclidean distance based cluster validity measures in order to identify correct number of clusters for different datasets. It is a very important consideration for clustering. Symmetry can be considered as an important attribute for data clustering. It can be of two types, point symmetry and line symmetry. In this paper(More)
Getting solution of a problem by group discussion is more reliable than getting solution from a single entity. To increase reliability of the solution, efficient group of experts should be formed. Here in this paper we have proposed a methodology for finding efficient team of experts for solution of a given problem collaboratively. The methodology is(More)
This paper investigates the intonational properties of different types of sentence by using EMD analysis of Bangla language. The study is about yes/no questions, wh-questions and declarative sentences. The speech material used for the present study is 45 read utterances recorded in laboratory conditions. The result shows that the intonation pattern for(More)