Sudip ranjan Pal

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An algorithm for the automated analysis of lidar cloud returns has been developed as part of the Experimental Cloud Lidar Pilot Study program. This automated method determines the cloud-base and cloud-top heights as well as the altitude of the maximum return signal. A large body of cloud data that were obtained at 532 and 1064 nm with a Nd:YAG lidar have(More)
To study the effect of vitamin E (VE), copper (Cu) and zinc (Zn) supplementation on the in vitro phagocytic activity (PA) and lymphocyte proliferation response (LPR) of blood neutrophils and lymphocytes, thirty Sahiwal pregnant cows (six in each group) in their late gestation at 30 days before the expected date of calving were selected from the NDRI(More)
Clinical and pathological features of 11 cases of paralytic rabies have been described, with a detailed study of the peripheral nerves. The mean incubation period was forty-nine days (range 7-90 days). The mean interval between the onset of symptoms and death was 8.4 days (range 7-11 days). A history of animal bite was available in 9 cases. Pain and(More)
Fifty-four patients, with multiple sclerosis from North-West India are described. This included two pathologically proven cases of multiple sclerosis. Five patients conformed to the definition of neuromyelitis optica (Devic's syndrome). This study is in agreement with the other series reported from Asia regarding the special clinical features of multiple(More)
The extinction and backscattering of 514-nm laser radiation in polydisperse water droplet clouds have been studied in the laboratory. Three cloud size distributions with modal diameters of 0.02, 5, and 12 microm have been investigated. The relationships between the cloud optical parameters (attenuation coefficient sigma and volume backscattering coefficient(More)
Acetone, carbontetrachloride, ethyl alcohol, mixture of ethyl alcohol and acetone, and heat were assessed for fixative property for direct immunoflurorescent (IF) staining of antibody-coated Candida cells. The results indicated that ethyl alcohol was the most suitable fixative for the test. Antisera containing 16 units of Candida albicans type A agglutinin(More)