Sudhish N. George

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Integrity verification is verifying the originality of an object. A number of robust and secure image hashing methods are existing in literature, which are suited for integrity verification of images. However, a complete system for integrity verification which clearly distinguishes between acceptable and malicious manipulations is still in research. This(More)
This paper proposes a self-learning based dictionary training approach for single image super-resolution where the low-resolution (LR) and high-resolution (HR) dictionaries are jointly trained using training data set and different scaled versions of the input image. Local variance based salient feature identification is carried out to speed up the(More)
The digital rights management (DRM) techniques are very important in the fields of multimedia security. The major areas of multimedia data security includes secrecy, ownership protection and traitor tracing. Even though, a number of encryption techniques were developed for multimedia encryption, most of them are vulnerable to several types of attacks.(More)
The source separation of low level ground borne vibration signals and its FPGA implementation is an exigent problem. This can be viewed as a complex version of the classical source separation problem, the `cocktail party problem'. An extension of the basic Independent Component Analysis (ICA), a Blind Source Separation method is proposed in this particular(More)
In this paper, a new approach for scrambling the compressive sensed (CS) audio data using two dimensional cellular automata is presented. In order to improve the security, linear feedback shift register (LFSR) based secure measurement matrix for compressive sensing is used. The basic idea is to select the different states of LFSR as the entries of a random(More)
In this paper, a novel method of encrypting the encoded audio data based on LFSR based key stream generators is presented. The alternating step generator (ASG) is selected as keystream generator used for this application. Since the ASG is vulnerable to improved linear consistency attack, it is proposed to incorporate some nonlinearity with the stop/go LFSRs(More)
This paper proposes a novel approach for scrambling the compressively sensed audio data. Two dimensional cellular automata (CA) based scrambling algorithm is proposed, in which the initial state matrix of CA is constructed by the random bit sequence generated by a linear feedback shift register (LFSR). Compressive sensing (CS) offers excellent robustness in(More)
Chaos based encryption techniques have been gaining immense attraction for the past few years with a view of enhancing security coupled with reduction in computational complexity. This paper explores the drawbacks of chaotic key based algorithm (CKBA) which was primarily designed for monochrome images. We put forth an improved chaotic key based image(More)