Sudhir Tripathi

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Di-O-glycinoyl curcumin (I), di-O-glycinoyl-C4-glycyl-curcumin (II), 5'-deoxy-5'-curcuminyl thymidine (5'-cur-T) (III) and 2'-deoxy-2'-curcuminyl uridine (2'-cur-U) (IV) have been synthesized and characeterised by elemental analysis & 1H NMR. The antibacterial activities of these four bioconjugates has been tested particularly for multiresistant(More)
BACKGROUND There is little published literature on the profile of patients with Cushing's syndrome (CS) from India. The aim of this study was to compile data of CS patients treated at this hospital. MATERIALS AND METHODS Patients referred to the endocrine services of this hospital for diagnosis/treatment of CS from January 1985 to July 2012 were the(More)
In the present study curcumin bioconjugates, viz. di-O-glycinoylcurcumin (I), di-O-glycinoyl-C(4)-glycylcurcumin (II), 5'-deoxy-5'-curcuminylthymidine (5'-cur-T) (IV), and 2'-deoxy-2'-curcuminyluridine (2'-cur-U) (V) have been synthesized and characterized by elemental analysis and (1)H NMR. The turmeric peptide (Tp) was isolated from the aqueous turmeric(More)
Curcumin-oligonucleotide conjugate was synthesised by attaching diglycyl conjugate of curcumin to 12-mer complementary telomere sequence 5'-AATCCCAATCCC-3'. An enhanced Tm of 6 degrees C was found, showing high affinity for the target strand. This may be exploited for the suppression of cancer i.e. by blocking the expression of telomere sequence [GGGATT]n(More)
A ketosteroid has been isolated from the oleo-resin of COMMIPHORA MUKUL and its structure (4,17(20)trans pregnandiene 3,16-dione; Z-guggulsterone) established from its physico-chemical properties, specially UV, IR, NMR and mass-spectra. The isolated ketosteroid showed a strong thyroid stimulatory action when administered to albino rats. Its administration(More)
Among 169 patients with irritable bowel syndrome (IBS), standard therapy (with clidinium bromide, chlordiazepoxide and isaphaghulla), a compound Ayurvedic preparation (with Aegle marmelos correa plus Bacopa monniere Linn) along with a matching placebo were given in a double blind randomised trial for 6 wk. The Ayurvedic preparation in 57 patients was found(More)