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An attempt to reduce the production cost on tissue cultured plants, photoautotrophic culture of a high value orchid Dendrobium was established under CO2-enriched conditions. The shoot length and the number of leaves were almost equal in plantlets grown on medium with 2 % sucrose or without sucrose and under normal or enhanced (40 g m-3) CO2 concentration,(More)
This paper aims to investigate the applicability of relative radiometric normalization methods to a set of multitemporal cloudy images acquired by Resourcesat1 LISS III sensor. The objective of this study is to detect and remove the cloud cover and normalize the images radiometrically. Cloud detection is achieved by using Average Brightness Thresholding(More)
With the popularity and importance of document images as an information source, information retrieval in document image databases has become a challenge. In this paper, an approach with the capability of matching partial word images to address two issues in document image retrieval: word spotting and similarity measurement between documents has been(More)
Biometrics methods of human identification have gained much attention recently, mainly because they easily deal with most problems of traditional identification, since users are identified by who they are, not by something they have to remember or carry with them. This paper attempts to improve the performance of signature based authentication system by(More)
Biometric systems based only on unimodal biometrics are often not able to meet the desired performance requirements due to problems such as noisy data, restricted degree of freedom, spoof attacks and unacceptable error data. Some of these drawbacks can be minimized by multimodal biometric systems. Multimodal biometrics consists in combining two or more(More)
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