Sudhir Sawarkar

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A survey of sheep and goat producers in the state of Maharashtra, India, was undertaken to ascertain the extent and economic impact of sheep pox and goat pox (SGP). One thousand one hundred and sixteen owners were interviewed. Eighty owners (7.2%) reported that they had experienced an outbreak of the disease in the previous 6 years. The results showed that,(More)
Hand gesture is an active area of research in the computer vision, mainly for the purpose of sign language recognition and Human Computer Interaction. In this paper, an attempt is made to propose a system to recognize alphabet characters (A-Z) in real-time from color image sequences using “Continuous Adaptive Mean Shift Algorithm (CAMSHIFT)”(More)
This paper aims to investigate the applicability of relative radiometric normalization methods to a set of multitemporal cloudy images acquired by Resourcesat1 LISS III sensor. The objective of this study is to detect and remove the cloud cover and normalize the images radiometrically. Cloud detection is achieved by using Average Brightness Thresholding(More)
With the popularity and importance of document images as an information source, information retrieval in document image databases has become a challenge. In this paper, an approach with the capability of matching partial word images to address two issues in document image retrieval: word spotting and similarity measurement between documents has been(More)
new approach for the personal authentication using signatures is presented. This paper attempts to improve the performance of signature based authentication system by integrating multiple algorithms. The signatures are acquired using digital pen tablet and then features are extracted. These features are then examined for their combined performances. Our(More)
Content based video retrival systems requires video to be segmented into objects. A large number of video segmentation algorithms have been proposed such as semi-automatic and automatic. Semiautomatic methods requires the human intervention and also not suitable for some applications. Many applications requires automatic segmentation but still there is lot(More)
As the amount of Web information grows rapidly, Search engines must be able to retrieve information according to the user's preference. In this paper, we propose Ontology Based Personalised Mobile Search Engine (OBPMSE) that captures user‟s interest and preferences in the form of concepts by mining search results and their clickthroughs. OBPMSE profile the(More)
Testing of database applications is crucial for ensuring high software quality as undetected faults can result in unrecoverable data corruption.Conventionally, database application testing is based upon whether or not the application can perform a set of predefined functions. While it is useful to achieve a basic degree of quality by considering the(More)