Sudhir R Jain

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Employing the currently discussed notion of pseudo-Hermiticity, we define a pseudounitary group. Further, we develop a random matrix theory that is invariant under such a group and call this ensemble of pseudo-Hermitian random matrices the pseudounitary ensemble. We obtain exact results for the nearest-neighbor level-spacing distribution for (2 x 2)(More)
We obtain the exact ground state and a part of the excitation spectrum in one dimension on a line and the exact ground state on a circle in the case where N particles are interacting via nearest and next-to-nearest neighbour interactions. Further, using the exact ground state, we establish a mapping between these N-body problems and the short-range Dyson(More)
Based on extraction of resonances from quantal time delay, a theorem relating quantal time-delay and the number of resonances below a certain energy is proved here. Several illustrations from quantum mechanics , neutron reflectometry and hadron resonances are presented. Physics of weakly-bound systems and resonances has been of great interest for the(More)
We present a treatment of many-body Fermionic systems that facilitates an expression of the well-known quantities in a series expansion in ¯ h. The ensuing semiclassical result contains to a leading order of the response function the classical time correlation function of the observable followed by the Weyl-Wigner series, on top of these terms are the(More)
The nonlinear dynamics of intra- and inter-spine interaction models of alpha-helical proteins is investigated by proposing a Hamiltonian using the first quantized operators. Hamilton's equations of motion are derived, and the dynamics is studied by constructing the trajectories and phase space plots in both cases. The phase space plots display a chaotic(More)
Gastrointestinal stromal tumors (GIST-) account for the majority of mesenchymal tumors arising within the gastrointestinal tract. GIST presenting as a palpable abdominal mass is extremely rare. We report four additional cases of a GIST presenting as an abdominal mass along with a pertinent review of the literature. Twenty five cases of GISTs presenting with(More)
We present a method for the determination of baryon resonances and their parameters using existing relations between the S-matrix and time delay in pion nucleon scattering. We draw attention to the fact that the existence of a positive maximum in time delay, which is related to the lifetime of a resonance is a necessary criterion for the existence of a(More)
We present a theory where the statistical mechanics for dilute ideal gases can be derived from random matrix approach. We show the connection of this approach with Srednicki approach which connects Berry conjecture with statistical mechanics. We further establish a link between Berry conjecture and random matrix theory, thus providing a unified edifice for(More)
Motivated by numerical experiments and studies of quantum systems which are classically chaotic, we take a Random Matrix description of a Hard-sphere gas to Statistical Mechanical description. We apply this to Anyon gas and obtain a formal expression for the momentum distribution. Various limiting situations are discussed and are found in agreement with the(More)
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