Sudhir R. Chowbina

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Pathway-oriented experimental and computational studies have led to a significant accumulation of biological knowledge concerning three major types of biological pathway events: molecular signaling events, gene regulation events, and metabolic reaction events. A pathway consists of a series of molecular pathway events that link molecular entities such as(More)
OBJECTIVE To identify obesity-related cancer genes in endometrial and adipose tissue depots of body mass index-matched morbidly obese women with and without endometrial cancer. METHODS Eight women undergoing hysterectomy (4 women with and 4 women without endometrial cancer) were matched by age (52.6 years) and body mass index (44.5 kg/m). Endometrium,(More)
Military and industrial activities have lead to reported release of 2,4-dinitrotoluene (2,4DNT) into soil, groundwater or surface water. It has been reported that 2,4DNT can induce toxic effects on humans and other organisms. However the mechanism of 2,4DNT induced toxicity is still unclear. Although a series of methods for gene network construction have(More)
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