Sudhir Kumar Tongia

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Momordica charantia (MC) fruit was subjected to phytochemical and pharmacological interaction studies with oral hypoglycemis in NIDDM patients. Phytochemical, chromatographical analysis and extraction of methanolic MC fruit soft (semi-solid form) in CCl4 + C6H6 solvent system yielded 15 diverse chemical constituents--alkaloids, glycosides, aglycone, tannin,(More)
Male albino rats weighing between 150-225 gm fasted over night but freed having water ad libitum were used to assess the diuretic efficacy of intramuscular aminophylline and frusemide separately and concurrently after intraperitoneal 10 ml of distilled water loading. The normal rate of diuretic weight loss was less augmented by aminophylline and more(More)
Parachloromercury benzoate (PCMB), a sulphydryl inactivator, caused a progressively increasing inhibition of tissue responses to acetylcholine, adrenaline, noradrenaline and serotonin in vitro. This inhibition was progressively and completely reversed by penicillamine, a sulphydryl activator. It is inferred that intact sulphydryl groups are essential for(More)