Sudhir Kumar Sharma

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The paper discusses the institutional reforms for rural electrification (RE) in Thailand and Bangladesh and analyses the impacts of private sector participation in electricity generation and tariff reforms on the poor in Thailand. RE program in Thailand, initiated in 1977, increased electricity access by rural households from 7% in early 70s to 97% by 2000.(More)
The massive data exchange on the web has deeply increased the risk of malicious activities thereby propelling the research in the area of Intrusion Detection System (IDS). This paper aims to first select ten classification algorithms based on their efficiency in terms of speed, capability to handle large dataset and dependency on parameter tuning and then(More)
The objective of this prospective observational clinical study is to derive and validate a diagnostic model for prediction of obstructive sleep apnea (OSA) in subjects presenting with non-sleep-related complaints in a tertiary care center in north India. We included 102 subjects (group I, range 31–70 years) presenting to the hospital with non-sleep-related(More)
The biochemical mechanism of action of human neutrophil peptide-1 (HNP-1) against Mycobacterium tuberculosis H37Ra was studied. Mycobacteria grown in the presence of a subinhibitory concentration (IC50) of HNP-1 showed a significant decrease in the biosynthesis of vital macromolecules, as shown by the incorporation of various radiolabeled precursors.(More)
Several studies suggest that cerebral microbleeds (CMB) seen on gradient echo magnetic resonance imaging (GE-MRI) of brain increase the future risk of intracranial hemorrhage (ICH). We investigated 26 newly diagnosed patients of aplastic anemia (AA) with GE-MRI of brain who were otherwise neurologically asymptomatic. These patients were then further(More)
The secondary intracellular target of human neutrophil peptide-1 has been examined in M. tuberculosis H37Ra. Binding studies with radioiodinated HNP-1 revealed biphasic equilibrium binding kinetics with respect to time. The major site of HNP-1 binding was found to be plasma membrane/cell wall whereas the cytosol appears to be a secondary site. Among the(More)
Serum paraoxonase is known to prevent low-density lipoprotein oxidation and atherogenesis. Association of paraoxonase with the oxidative status and lipid profile in chronic renal failure (CRF) patients on conservative management and those on chronic maintenance hemodialysis was analyzed in the present study. Serum paraoxonase, protein thiols, lipid(More)
BACKGROUND The diagnosis of ventilator associated pneumonia (VAP) remains a challenge because the clinical signs and symptoms lack both sensitivity and specificity and the selection of microbiologic diagnostic procedure is still a matter of debate. AIMS AND OBJECTIVE To study the role of various bronchoscopic and non-bronchoscopic diagnostic techniques(More)
An efficient and rapid synthetic strategy for the naturally occurring indoloazepinone scaffold via a three-component reaction of indole-2-carboxamides, 1,3-disubstituted propargyl alcohols, and I(2) is described. The strategy involves a C-H functionalization-alkyne activation-intramolecular hydroamidation-deprotonation domino sequence. The salient feature(More)