Sudhir Kumar Sharma

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Learning, teaching and training are intensely affected by the challenges of this epoch of digital time. They give prospects for the professionals in their higher and further education for training and developing their practical skills as the today smart user must need in this fast-moving and opulently diverse field. The gaining popularity of erudition on(More)
An ad hoc network is a collection of wireless mobile nodes forming a temporary network without the use of any preexisting topology, network infrastructure, or centralized administration. Every node in ad hoc network acts as a router, work as hop and forward data packets for other nodes. Routing is the key challenge in mobile ad hoc networks and challenge(More)
BACKGROUND Oils and bioproducts extracted from cultivated algae can be used as sustainable feedstock for fuels, nutritional supplements, and other bio-based products. Discovery and isolation of new algal species and their subsequent optimization are needed to achieve economical feasibility for industrial applications. Here we describe and validate a(More)
The performance analysis of the protocols is the most important step prior to selecting a meticulous protocol. In this paper, the performance of Dynamic Source Routing (DSR), Location-Aided Routing1 (LAR1) and Fisheye State Routing (FSR) protocols using Qualnet 5.0.2 simulator have been evaluated. The performance of above routing protocols has been(More)
The sustainability of Quality of Services (QoS) is difficult in Ad hoc Networks due to frequently changing network topology. In general, QoS is realized by the users on the overall performance of a network. To measure the quality of services, we have considered several factors such as, packet dropped, bandwidth, throughput, transmission delay, jitter, and(More)
This paper investigate some methods for converting single band antennas to multiband antennas so that all single band antennas convert in multiband antennas and gives multiband facility without increasing the cost of manufacturing. Simulation is performing on Ansoft HFSS and corresponding result are shown by figures. Impedance bandwidth, antenna gain and(More)