Sudhir Kumar Jain

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CONTEXT Corneal diseases constitute a significant cause of visual impairment and blindness in the developing world. The number of corneal transplants done is far less than the actual requirement in India. This is largely due to the inadequate number of corneas collected. Well-informed nursing students could be expected to influence eye donation rates. (More)
OBJECTIVES SACHSE COLD KNIFE IS CONVENTIONALLY USED FOR OPTICAL INTERNAL URETHROTOMY INTENDED TO MANAGE URETHRAL STRICTURES AND HO: YAG laser is an alternative to it. The aim of this study was to evaluate the role of urethral stricture treatment outcomes, efficacy, and complications using cold knife and Ho: YAG (Holmium laser) for optical internal(More)
MiRNA-21 is recognized as the main active candidate and high expression in many solid tumors consequential cell proliferation, differentiation, apoptosis, and closely related to metastasis of disease. The study aimed to evaluate the serum miRNA-21 expression and therapy outcome in breast cancer patients and cell lines. Seventy-five histopathologically(More)
Phytate is the main storage form of phosphate in the food grains. Phytases are enzymes which hydrolyze phytate into inositol and orthophosphoric acid. Monogastric animals lack phytases hence their feed is supplemented with phytase. phy gene from Pseudomonas syringae MTCC-2730 was cloned. Amplification of 470 bp was achieved through PCR. The PCR product was(More)
Invitro antimycotic effect of the coconut, mustard, groundnut & soyabeen oils and the seeds of trigonella, ajwoin, mustard and garlic bulbs were mixed in the above oil samples to determine their effect on the spore germination of five pathogenic fungi i.e., Aspergillus niger, A.flavus, Absidia corymbifera, Penicilium nigricans and Candida albicans, isolated(More)
We report two adult patients with varied urologic symptoms who were found to have inflammatory pseudotumor on histopathology. The first patient had a large, solid, enhancing retroperitoneal mass lesion and presented with increased frequency of urination and recurrent urinary tract infections. The second patient had an obstructing left distal ureteric(More)
Hypertension is one of the co-morbid conditions for stroke and profoundly increases its incidence. Angiotensin II (AngII) is shown to be at the center stage in driving the renin angiotensin system via activation of angiotensin 1 receptor (AT1R). This makes the AT1R gene one of the candidates whose differential regulation leads to the predisposition to(More)
Lymphocytoma cutis (LC) is one of the most common types of cutaneous B cell pseudolymphoma. Borrelial LC occurs most commonly in areas endemic for Ixodes ricinus tick in Europe, and it is rare in North America. The disease is rarely seen in India and may cause diagnostic difficulties for dermatologist residing in parts of the world that are not endemic for(More)
Gastrointestinal stromal tumors (GIST-) account for the majority of mesenchymal tumors arising within the gastrointestinal tract. GIST presenting as a palpable abdominal mass is extremely rare. We report four additional cases of a GIST presenting as an abdominal mass along with a pertinent review of the literature. Twenty five cases of GISTs presenting with(More)