Sudhir Korrapati

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We present design and measurement details for a 0–3 multi-stage noise-shaping (MASH) ADC that achieves a dynamic range of 88 dB over 53 MHz signal bandwidth. The ADC utilizes a zeroth-order front-end, i.e., a 17-level flash ADC, to perform a coarse quantization and a third-order 7-level continuous-time ΔΣ back-end to digitize the residue error of the(More)
The trend for ADCs in wireless communication infrastructure is increased bandwidth with little or no relaxation in noise density or power consumption. The historical expectation of system designers is a noise spectral density (NSD) of -157dBFS/Hz with a power consumption of 0.5W. This expectation is a difficult one to meet with existing ADC architectures(More)
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