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The ocean-atmosphere system is typically envisioned to have gone through a unidirectional oxygenation with significant oxygen increases in the earliest (ca. 635 Ma), middle (ca. 580 Ma), or late (ca. 560 Ma) Ediacaran Period. However, temporally discontinuous geochemical data and the patchy metazoan fossil record have been inadequate to chart the details of(More)
The present investigation concerned with formulation design and evaluation of oral sustained release matrix tablets of Didanosine (DDI) prepared by direct compression method using various proportion of release retarding polymer viz; HPMC K 15. The prepared tablets were evaluated for weight variation, percentage friability, hardness and in vitro dissolution(More)
A modified CHARMM force-field (ZHB potential) with low point charges for silica was previously proposed by Zimmerman et al. (J. Chem. Theory Comput. 2011, 7, 1695). The ZHB potential is advantageous for quantum mechanics/molecular mechanics simulations as it minimizes the electron spill-out problems. In the same spirit, here we propose a modified ZHB(More)
Aegle marmelos fruit, leaf and bark, are traditionally used for treatment of diabetes, liver toxicity, fungal infection, microbial infection, inflammation and pyrexia. In the present study, an attempt has been made to ferment the A. marmelos fruit juice and evaluate its nutritional and antioxidant potential as well as its sensory attributes. The nutritional(More)
We report here the development of hybrid quantum mechanics/molecular mechanics (QM/MM) interface between the plane-wave density functional theory based CPMD code and the empirical force-field based GULP code for modeling periodic solids and surfaces. The hybrid QM/MM interface is based on the electrostatic coupling between QM and MM regions. The interface(More)
The present paper deals with formulation and evaluation of herbal tablets prepared from methanol extract of the selected plant. A solid pharmaceutical dosage formulation using a novel dry plant extract (stem barks) using various excipients viz., sprays dried lactose, starch 1500, and Aerosil-200 and magnesium stearate by direct compression method. The(More)
The present study describes a simple, accurate, precise and cost effective UV-VIS Spectrophotometric method for the estimation of Atazanavir, an anti-HIV drug, in bulk and pharmaceutical dosage form. The solvent used was methanol and the λmax or the absorption maxima of the drug was found to be 250nm. A linear response was observed in the range of(More)
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