Sudhir Dixit

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This paper presents a comprehensive study of contention-resolution schemes in a multi-wavelength optical packet-switched network. This investigation aims to provide a unified study of a network of optical routers, which include contention resolution in wavelength, time, and space dimensions. Specifically, we show (1) how to accommodate all three dimensions(More)
The offset-time-based QoS scheme has been proposed for the next generation Optical Internet as a way to improve current IP's best effort service. For a single node, it has been shown that the offset-time-based scheme efficiently achieves service differentiation without requiring any buffer at the WDM layer. In this paper, the offset-time-based scheme is(More)
—Wireless Mesh Network (WMN) has become a popular access network architecture. But because of its multi-hop nature, co-channel interference and contention, the attainable capacity of a wireless node in a WMN is significantly less than the radio capacity. We propose a overlay architecture for a WMN, where a wireless-ring (WRing) is deployed over the regular(More)
Occipital osteodiastasis (OOD) is a prominent traumatic lesion in neonates born by breech, during delivery of after coming head. The lesion consists of traumatic separation of the cartilaginous joint between the squamous and lateral portion of the occipital bone resulting in a posterior fossa subdural haemorrhage associated with laceration of the(More)
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