Sudhir Dixit

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0163-6804/99/$10.00 © 1999 IEEE ecently, the interest in broadband satellite networks has grown rapidly. Advances in transmission technology have led to the availability of low-cost earth terminals with interfaces to standard terrestrial networks. The relative ease of deployment and superior remote access capabilities of satellite networks are envisioned to(More)
 Rural Healthcare on lowend phones Geetha Manjunath, M M Revathi HP Laboratories HPL-2011-63 Internet, Emerging Markets, Mobile Widgets, Programming-By-Demonstration, Interaction One of the major challenges in developing countries like India is to make healthcare services accessible to rural areas. There are many Government funded projects which setup(More)
As a rapid increase in urbanization, many people can afford a car nowadays but due to increase in the number of cars in the city people are facing problems in travelling. Due to rapid increase in the number of cars not only congestion and traffic is increasing but also it is harming the environment. Also due to this it leads to problems like increase in(More)
Voice in its inherent nature is variable. It is natural to use the VBR class for voice, and transmit voice in its bursty form. On an average, human voice has an speech activity factor of about 42%. This allows us to multiplex a lot of voice sources together. We study the degradation in voice quality under various scheduling policies for VBR voice. Our(More)
YouTube is the world's largest user-generated video sharing service. Estimates suggest that this six-year-old service hosts several million user-generated video clips, receives more than three billion views per day, and has approximately 48 hours of content uploaded every minute. According to some measurements, YouTube accounts for between 25–30% of(More)
Advanced laser systems will be essential for a range of diagnostics devices and polarimetry at the ILC. High average power, high beam quality, excellent stability and reliability will be crucial in order to deliver the information required to attain the necessary ILC luminosity as well as for efficient polarimetry. The key parameters are listed together(More)