Sudhir Chandra

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We have shown that the morphological features of the sol–gel derived thin films of ZnO depend strongly on the choice of the precursor materials. In particular, we have used zinc nitrate and zinc acetate as the precursor materials. While the films using zinc acetate showed a smoother topography, those prepared by using zinc nitrate exhibited dendritic(More)
OBJECTIVES Hypertension is one of the major cardiovascular diseases. It affects nearly 1.56 billion people worldwide. The present study is about a particular genetic polymorphism (A1166C), gene expression and protein expression of the angiotensin II type I receptor (AT1R) (SNP ID: rs5186) and its association with essential hypertension in a Northern Indian(More)
The sensor for detection of ethanol vapours using RF sputter deposited ITO thin film on glass and Si substrates is reported. The principle of operation is the change of resistance of ITO film on exposure to ethanol vapours. The films were annealed at 450 ºC for 1h in air. The films were extensively characterized for their structural properties using(More)
This paper reports the design of a Ka-band Equilateral triangular patch antenna (ETPA) fabricated using post-CMOS and post-MMIC compatible process technology. The antenna uses an air-cavity underneath the patch radiator that is supported on thin dielectric membrane. The antenna structure was analysed and optimised using the finite element method (FEM) based(More)
 Designed and fabricated microsensors and flexible microdevice using MEMS technology for breast cancer diagnosis.  Performed electro-mechanical characterization of breast tissue using microdevices.  Studying the changes in electro-mechanical properties of breast tissue core with progression of cancer. The work done till now has resulted in a provisional(More)
In the present work, we report the preparation of PLZT thin films in pure perovskite phase by RF magnetron sputtering without external substrate heating and their integration with micro-cantilevers. The 'lift-off' process for pat-terning different layers of a micro-cantilever including PLZT, Pt/Ti and Au/Cr was employed. The basic requirement of lift-off(More)
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