Sudhindu Bikash Mandal

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A ternary quantum system exists in linear superposition of three basis states: A unit of information is called a qutrit [Muthukrishnan & Stroud (2000)] A pure state of a qutrit can be represented by the Poincaré sphere, [Klimov et. al. (2004)] |ψ > = sin(ξ/2) cos(θ/2)|0 > + e iϕ 12 sin(ξ/2) sin(θ/2)|1 > + e i ϕ 13 cos(ξ/2)|2 > where θ and ξ determine the(More)
Grover’s search algorithm is one of the well-studied quantum computing algorithms, which plays a key role in many applications such as graph coloring, triangle finding, Boolean satisfiability. Although there are many works on circuit synthesis for Grover’s algorithm in the binary quantum domain, only a few exist for the ternary version of the algorithm. In(More)
Synthesis of quaternary quantum circuits involves basic quaternary gates and logic operations in the quaternary quantum domain. In this paper, we propose new projection operations and quaternary logic gates for synthesizing quaternary logic functions. We also demonstrate the realization of the proposed gates using basic quantum quaternary operations. We(More)
Scale Invariant Feature Transform (SIFT) algorithm is used to generate image features which is very essential for object recognition, feature detection, image matching etc. This paper proposes an optimized hardware architecture for realizing the SIFT algorithm with reversible logic prototyped using Field Programmable Gate Array (FPGA). The digital hardware(More)
This paper proposes an efficient reconfigurable hardware design for speech enhancement based on multi band spectral subtraction algorithm and involving both magnitude and phase components. Our proposed design is novel as it estimates environmental noise from speech adaptively utilizing both magnitude and phase components of the speech spectrum. We performed(More)
Many applications such as Graph coloring, Triangle finding, Boolean satisfiability, Traveling salesman problem can be solved by Grover's search algorithm, which is one of the remarkable quantum computing algorithm. To design a quantum circuit for a given quantum algorithm, which involves Grover's search, we need to define an oracle circuit specific to the(More)
Quantum theory of computation establishes that there are problems for which quantum algorithms are far more efficient than their classical counterpart. Advances in quantum computing have initiated the design of systems based on quantum logic gates. Quantum computer hardware being primarily available in research laboratories at present, it mandates the(More)
This paper proposes an efficient hardware architecture for the spectral subtraction algorithm applied to speech enhancement. Spectral subtraction algorithm is widely used in audio de-noising applications. The proposed architecture uses a novel approach to estimate environmental noise from speech adaptively. After estimating the noise from the input speech(More)
Basic logic gates and their operations in ternary quantum domain are involved in the synthesis of ternary quantum circuits. Only a few works define ternary algebra for ternary quantum logic realization. In this paper, a ternary logic function is expressed in terms of projection operations including a new one. A method to realize new multi-qutrit ternary(More)
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