Sudhi Agarwal

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Multiple endocrine neoplasia 2a (MEN2a) syndrome is one of the rare genetic disorder where prophylactic thyroidectomy is recommended for RET mutation carriers due to increased risk for developing MTC during lifetime. We present a case report of prophylactic total thyroidectomy in a family based on genetic screening that proved to be MTC on histopathology.(More)
BACKGROUND Huge goiters are common in iodine-deficient endemic regions. They are of concern to the surgeons because of the anticipated risk of difficult dissection and increased chances of surgical complications. Similarly, they are of concern to the anesthesiologists because of anticipated intubation-related difficulties and post-thyroidectomy(More)
Lymphatic metastasis in papillary thyroid cancer (PTC) is eminent; however, the extent of central compartment lymph nodes dissection (CCD) is controversial and requires the knowledge of pattern and risk factors for central compartment lymph nodes metastasis (CCM). We did a prospective study of 47 cases with PTC who underwent total thyroidectomy (TT) with(More)