Sudhasree Gadam

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Conventional tangential flow filtration (TFF) has traditionally been limited to separation of solutes that differ by about ten-fold in size. Wide pore-size distributions, membrane fouling, and concentration polarization phenomena have commonly been cited as reasons for this limitation. The use of TFF in the biotechnology industry has therefore been(More)
w . where l ) 0 and f : 0, ` a R is monotonically increasing and concave with Ž . Ž . Ž f 0 0 semipositone . We establish that f should be appropriately concave by . establishing conditions on f to allow multiple positive solutions. For any l ) 0, Ž . we obtain the exact number of positive solutions as a function of f t rt. We follow Ž . Ž . several(More)
When the range of the derivative of the nonlinearity contains the first k eigenvalues of the linear part and a certain parameter is large, we establish the existence of 2k radial solutions to a semilinear boundary value problem. This proves the Lazer McKenna conjecture for radial solutions. Our results supplement those in [5], where the existence of k+ 1(More)
We study the existence, multiplicity, and stability of positive solutions to: −u(x) = λf(u(x)) for x ∈ (−1, 1), λ > 0, u(−1) = 0 = u(1), where f : [0,∞) → R is semipositone (f(0) < 0) and superlinear (limt→∞ f(t)/t = ∞). We consider the case when the nonlinearity f is of concave-convex type having exactly one inflection point. We establish that f should be(More)
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