Sudharsan Parthasarathy

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—Image fusion is a technique of combining two or more images so that the combined image is better enhanced than all these images. We propose that a fusion based approach on Multi Scale Retinex with Color Restoration(MSRCR) would give better image enhancement. Lower dynamic range of a camera as compared to human visual system causes images taken to be(More)
—In this letter, we analyze power and rate adaptation in a point-to-point link with Rayleigh fading and impulsive interference. We model the impulsive interference as a Bernoulli-Gaussian random process. Adaptation is used to maximize the average spectral efficiency by changing power and rate of the transmission subject to an average power and instantaneous(More)
—The downlink coverage probability of a cellular network, when the base station locations are modelled by a Poisson point process, is known when the channel power is Gamma distributed with integer shape parameter. However, for many interesting fading distributions such as Rician, Rician shadowing, κ−µ, η−µ, etc., the coverage probability is unknown. κ − µ(More)
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