Sudharsan Parthasarathy

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Genes behaving similarly over changing conditions are believed to be part of the same functional module. Identifying functional modules of genes plays an important role in understanding gene regulatory behavior as well as in facilitating function prediction of unknown genes. Subsequently, determining ‘similar’ gene pairs or groups based on their gene(More)
NADH cytochrome b(5) oxidoreductase (Ncb5or) is found in animals and contains three domains similar to cytochrome b(5) (b(5)), CHORD-SGT1 (CS), and cytochrome b(5) reductase (b(5)R). Ncb5or has an important function, as suggested by the diabetes and lipoatrophy phenotypes in Ncb5or null mice. To elucidate the structural and functional properties of human(More)
The downlink coverage probability of a cellular network, when the base station locations are modelled by a Poisson point process, is known when the channel power is Gamma distributed with integer shape parameter. However, for many interesting fading distributions such as Rician, Rician shadowing, κ−μ, η−μ, etc., the coverage probability is unknown. κ − μ(More)
Mammalian type B (mitochondrial) b(5) cytochromes exhibit greater amino acid sequence diversity than their type A (microsomal) counterparts, as exemplified by the type B proteins from human (hCYB5B) and rat (rCYB5B). The comparison of X-ray crystal structures of hCYB5B and rCYB5B reported herein reveals a striking difference in packing involving the(More)
In this letter, we analyze power and rate adaptation in a point-to-point link with Rayleigh fading and impulsive interference. We model the impulsive interference as a BernoulliGaussian random process. Adaptation is used to maximize the average spectral efficiency by changing power and rate of the transmission subject to an average power and instantaneous(More)
4) BURTON, R . B . , A. ZAFFARONI 11. E . H . KEUTNIANN: J. of Biol. Chem. 193, 769 (1951). s) HOFXANX, H., U. H. J. STAUmNOER: Naturwiss. 38, 213 (1951). ~) NEHER~ R., u. A. WETTSTEIN: Helv. chim. Aeta at, 2278 (~95t). 7) ZNFFARONI, A., 11. R. B. BURTON: J. of Biol. Chem. 193, 749 (1951). S) Hf3BENER, H. J., G. MEYERHEIM U. K. BRUCKEL: Symposion fiber das(More)
In this paper, we derive the data-aided Error Vector Magnitude (EVM) in an interference limited system when both the desired signal and interferers experience independent and non identically distributed κ-μ shadowed fading. Then it is analytically shown that the EVM is equal to the square root of number of interferers when the desired signal and interferers(More)
Device-to-device (D2D) communication is expected to increase the coverage probability by coexisting along with the conventional cellular systems in 5G technology. As the user equipments are often held closer to the human body, D2D links experience shadowing modelled by the amp;#954;-amp;#956; shadowed fading model. Though the cellular links do not(More)
3. I h r e A r b e i t in d e n wi s senscha f t l i chen F i i che rn i s t n u t m i t den daf i l r gee igne ten Schi l le rn zu leisten, die aus a l l en S c h i c h t e n des Volkes g e w o n n e n w e r d e n sollen. Fi i r a n d e r s a r t i g e B e g a b u n g e n f o r de r n wi r e in eigenst~indiges m i t t l e r e s Schulwesen, das so lchen(More)