Sudhanshu Tripathi

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In this paper, a “real-time” traffic signal control strategy is provided using genetic algorithms to provide nearoptimal traffic performance for intersections. Real-time traffic signal control is an integral part of the urban traffic control system and providing effective real-time traffic signal control for a large complex traffic network is an extremely(More)
Motion estimation is a key issue in the field of moving images analysis. Since motion estimation is the most time taking part in the video compression, nearly it takes the 80% of the total time. And the timing efficiency of the motion estimation mainly depends upon the fact, that how we are searching the motion between the two successive frames of(More)
One of the most important applications for wireless sensor networks (WSNs) is Data Collection, where sensing data are collected at sensor nodes and forwarded to a central base station for further processing. Since using battery powers and wireless communications, sensor nodes can be very small and easily attached at specified locations without disturbing(More)
Eigen space-based face recognition technique has an advantage that faces are normally upright and thus may be described by a small set of 2-D characteristics views. In this paper, an approach to detect and identification of human faces which is real time face recognition system is developed with Graphical User Interface (GUI). This approach takes a snap of(More)
Variable Frequency Transformer (VFT) is a controllable bi-directional transmission device that can transfer power between asynchronous networks. It avoids both HVDC link and FACTS based power transmission control system. Basically, it is a rotatory transformer whose torque is adjusted in order to control the power flow. In this paper, a simulated model of(More)
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