Sudhanshu Mishra

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—We present the first ever distributed transactional memory (DTM) framework for distributed concurrency control in C++, called HyflowCPP. HyflowCPP provides distributed atomic sections, and pluggable support for policies for concurrency control , directory lookup, contention management, and networking. While there exists other DTM frameworks, they mostly(More)
In India, six landscapes and source populations that are important for long-term conservation of Bengal tigers (Panthera tigris tigris) have been identified. Except for a few studies, nothing is known regarding the genetic structure and extent of gene flow among most of the tiger populations across India as the majority of them are small, fragmented and(More)
In this paper, the authors have compared the efficiency of the Karatsuba multiplier using polynomial multiplication with the multiplier implementing Vedic mathematics formulae (sutras), specifically the Nikhilam sutra. The multipliers have been implemented using Spartan 2 xc2s200 pq208 FPGA device having speed grade of-6. The proposed Karatsuba multiplier(More)
Most of the studies relating to estimation of joint production functions have noted two difficulties: first that allocation of inputs to different outputs is not known, and the second that a method of estimation cannot have more than one dependent variable, which necessitates construction of a composite output transformation function. This study has(More)
BACKGROUND Subacute subdural hematoma (SASDH) is an entity which is yet to capture the popular imagination among the neurosurgeons. Its management is often equated clinically to that of the chronic subdural hematoma (CSDH). However, their neurological deterioration is usually rapid, which seems to align them with acute subdural hematoma (ASDH). We proceed(More)
Rumen microbial communities play important roles in feed conversion and the physiological development of the ruminants. Despite its significance, little is known about the rumen microbial communities at different life stages after birth. In this study, we characterized the rumen bacterial and the archaeal communities in 11 different age groups (7, 15, 30,(More)
The Sundarbans tiger inhabits a unique mangrove habitat and are morphologically distinct from the recognized tiger subspecies in terms of skull morphometrics and body size. Thus, there is an urgent need to assess their ecological and genetic distinctiveness and determine if Sundarbans tigers should be defined and managed as separate conservation unit. We(More)
Tropical evergreen forests in northeast India are a biological hot spot for conservation of flora and fauna. Little is known, however, about tiger abundance, which is a flagship species for tropical evergreen forests. Our objective was to document the capture rate and population density of tigers based on spatial explicit capture-recapture (SECR) approaches(More)
OBJECTIVES To evaluate the diagnostic accuracy of smear and culture tests of clinical samples of pulmonary tuberculosis after the introduction of the directly observed treatment short-course (DOTS) program. METHODS Using sputum samples from 572 individuals as a self-selected population, both Ziehl-Neelsen staining and culturing on Lowenstein-Jensen medium(More)
Background: Lead is an inert metal and is resistant to corrosion. It also increases tensile strength of many common materials in daily use. Lead was used during the Roman period to transport water (hence the name plumbing/plumber is common terminology even in the present day). Lead enters the biological system through the air, water, and dust. Fine(More)